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                               Testing SEDIT and/or S/REXX on Windows
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After downloading the installer file, double-click on it to start the installation, and follow the instructions. The setup will install 32 bit binaries executables on 32 bit systems, and 64 bit executables on 64 bit systems automatically. On first install, SEDIT and S/REXX will be enabled for a 30 days trial period. When installing a maintenance release, please uninstall the previous version first. If you modified some files in the SEDIT installation directory (the profile.sedit file for example), please save a copy first, they will be over-written with a new installation. SEDIT 5.01 and S/REXX 3.01 add symbolic links support to Windows. SEDIT 5.04 and S/REXX 3.04 add UNC Name Syntax (file names similar to "\\server\share\file_path") support to Windows. SEDIT 5.06 and S/REXX 3.06 can be locked to the computer name rather than to the CPU ID. SEDIT 5.08 and S/REXX 3.08 correct problems with Windows 10 version 1909