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                            Testing SEDIT and/or S/REXX on IBM HPUX
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The HPUX binaries are in the file:                                                                                                                                tarfile.hp.gz             (Includes the PDF SEDIT and S/REXX documentation) Create a specific directory for SEDIT and S/REXX, and move the binaries file on it. For example, type:                                                                                                                             # mkdir /home/xed # gunzip tarfile.hp.gz # tar -xvf tarfile.hp If the user is using a PC style keyboard, the user must replace the "set_hp" statement in the "profile.sedit" file with the "set_hppc" statement.   You will need to request a temporary license key to activate SEDIT and/or S/REXX. First type: # ./seditid This will display the cpu-id that needs to be e-mailed to your local distributor to get in return the license key. To install the key(s), type: # ./install sedit # ./install rexx and follow the instructions. SEDIT can then be started with the following command: # ./xed Please see the PDF Manual for further information.
Note: SEDIT 4.80 and S/REXX 2.80 are the last releases to support HPUX